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“What a great story this is. A la the show Breaking Bad, you are shown a scene from the ending in the beginning, but are still somehow given a unique twist that you didn’t see coming at the finish. At least not like that.” –Mark Matthews, author of Milk Blood

“This was just awesome! What an incredible read. There’s no way you can see this coming!” -Chantal

Whoa! This book blew my socks off! THAT ENDING! I am still recovering. DID NOT SEE IT COMING! –Maxine(Booklover Catlady)

“With a knack for imagery and a concise, pithy writing style, Figueroa’s stories are as enjoyable to read as they are horrifying.” –

“These horror short stories had me riveted-I had to keep reading, each story unique in its terror. Any lover of the horror genre should experience some fresh, well-crafted stories.Looking for longer works by Ms. Figueroa.” –ScareScapes

“Latashia Figueroa weaves three well written and intense tales, highlighting the not so savory side of the human psyche. -Angela Sherwood

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